t-zero communications Ltd provides a wide range of services to meet every video production requirement and budget. The company was created to make professional audiovisual content available to organisations which previously would have found the traditional approach to video too expensive to consider. We can provide production packages at three different levels:

>>The basic option

For extremely low budgets, our cheapest package consists of a one-man crew. However, all the necessary camcorder, lighting, sound equipment and greenscreen kit will be included for a professionally produced project. Simple multi-camera shoots will be possible for static subjects such as interviews. Editing will be performed with the latest desktop non-linear software, including compositing and motion graphics according to budget and requirement. Output can be in any format, from DVD or Blu-ray to Web streaming.

>>The full works

We can also provide a more traditional crewed shoot, with multiple camera operators, soundmen, and extras such as steadycams and specialised photographic equipment. Whatever the creative idea, we will provide the appropriate level of professional assistance, but always with an eye on keeping costs as low as possible. Equipment, editing and distribution provisions mirror those of our basic package.

>>The studio option

As a final level above a fully crewed shoot, we can also offer a professional studio environment. With the previous two options, existing office and outdoor locations, or virtual greenscreen environments will be used. But thanks to our close association with a London broadcasting education establishment, our studio space is available at a very competitive rate, for those projects which require a completely controlled environment with multi-point studio lighting.

In each case, we will assist with every stage of the production, from initial idea to distribution. In consultation with the client, we will pinpoint the intended message, work this into a shooting script, and then create a close shot-by-shot storyboard. Careful attention to planning keeps the most expensive factor in video production – camerawork – efficient, saving the client time and money.

All our productions are shot in professional HD formats and produced using the latest non-linear editing and compositing software. Optical disc production, Web streaming, and any other distribution necessity will be catered for. Prices for each of our packages are available on request, and will be tailored to the precise production requirements. Just contact us for more details.