t-zero communications Ltd

James Morris, Founder & Director

James Morris
Founder & Director

The cost of video production and distribution has fallen dramatically over the last two decades. Digital technology has increased picture quality exponentially whilst continually lowering the prices of all the component parts of the process. James Morris, director and founder of t-zero communications Ltd, has been following this trend since its inception in the early 1990s. His company was set up exclusively to take advantage of the potential now available for businesses and individuals to use rich video media for presenting information to a wider audience in a much more compelling way than is possible with static pictures and text.

The t-zero communications team is highly skilled in producing broadcast-quality video for a fraction of the traditional cost. The company provides a full service, developing projects from the early ideas stage, then taking them through scripting, storyboarding, production, editing, and output in any format required. The primary focus is online video distribution, via proprietary commercial streaming services or public user-generated content websites, depending on intended audience and reach. But every client distribution requirement can be catered for, including creating video destined for broadcast TV.

The t-zero name is inspired by a collection of short stories by Italian author Italo Calvino, which tackle how past and future relate to the present. Video has an important role to play in this relationship, a role t-zero communications ltd was created to explore.

James Morris has been walking the line between video and the computer industry since the mid 1990s. After studying a Master’s at the New School for Social Research in New York, where he edited a documentary with the groundbreaking Video Toaster, James became convinced that digital technology heralded the future of video production, whilst the fledgling Internet presaged the future of video distribution. He worked in low budget music video production in the US, before returning to the UK and taking up employment with Dennis Publishing on PC Pro magazine. During his tenure as editor, PC Pro rose to number one circulation status, where it remained during his editorship.

Since leaving PC Pro, James has pursued his dream of making quality video production affordable for the widest possible range of clients. He worked as Director of Programming at HEXUS.tv, a pioneering Web-based technology TV channel, and has produced over 500 videos for the TrustedReviews website. He has also obtained a doctorate in the philosophy of communications from the European Graduate School, the groundbreaking media university based in Switzerland. Now, with t-zero communications Ltd, James is realising the dream he had two decades earlier.